Try Now Buy Later in the Eyes of a Shopper

We know what Try Now Buy Later feels like in stores, but the challenge online is to recreate the same experience and instill confidence throughout the shopper journey:



  1. $0 purchase price



A Try Now Buy Later program builds confidence and trust through transparency and clear communication with the shopper. You’re telling the shopper, “I have a product I know you’ll love,” and at the same time, you’re not making them take your word for it.


A $0 purchase price sets this tone on your PDP. It’s simple, straightforward, and fulfills the promise you’ve made to the shopper that they can try your product risk free before they spend a penny.

  1. Shopper education




When a shopper is interested in your product, you don’t want them hesitating or left with unanswered questions. Positioning concise program details with a pop-up for more information right next to the $0 purchase price answers your shoppers' questions before they can ask them.


  1. Clear purchase options



Setting up Try Now and Pay Now as the two delineated purchase options makes it very clear to the shopper what their choices are, and what their choices mean. Would you like to Try these items, or would you like to Pay for these items? The pricing reinforces what each option represents.


  1. Single CTA



Calls to action should be easy to find, logically placed, informative, and specific — and they shouldn’t have to compete with each other or anything else on the page. A single call to action that dynamically adjusts to match the shopper’s purchase option accomplishes all these goals and is proven to be a high converting design.


Clear and concise messaging on the PDP for a Try Now Buy Later program makes the checkout process easy for shoppers, and bringing this messaging up funnel into marketing can make the impact of the program even more pronounced.


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